Aug 21, 2011

Menu Planning ~ Rest of August

Since I haven't made a real meal plan for a while, it's been hit and miss on what we have eaten for dinner lately.  Now that I'm back at the elementary school, I have limited time to get dinner on the table so it's imperative that I have a meal plan so I can do prep beforehand.

Here is my plan for the next 2 weeks:

Week of August 22
Week of August 29
  • Monday (Wee One's 1st day back at school so it's going to be one of his favorite meals.) - chicken nuggets, French fries, veggies
  • Tuesday - ham and cheese roll ups, steamed carrots, jello
  • Wednesday - creamy potato soup, rolls, applesauce
  • Thursday - pizza burgers, corn on the cob
  • Friday - chicken enchiladas, Fajita rice, veggie
  • Saturday - meatloaf, mac and cheese, veggie, left over rolls

Happy eating,