Jul 20, 2011

Homemade French fries

I forgot to take any pics of the French fries. 

The Wee One's favorite meal is chicken nuggets and French fries.  I put that on our meal plan last week.  We never got to it so it was moved to this week's meal plan.  I'm glad we did because my hubby fixed our fryer so we could have fast food type French fries.  Yummy!

These take time but the rewards are so worth it.

Stars of the recipe:
  • russet potatoes (I used 4 and ended up with enough for 5 people.)
  • salt (sea or seasoned)
  • vegetable oil (for the fryer)
  1. If you want no skin on the potatoes, peel them now.  (I keep the skin on my potatoes.)
  2. Cut the potatoes into French fry size pieces.  I wish I had a method but I don't.  I do cut the potatoes in half long ways and then half again long ways.  After that, I try to get them into French fry size pieces.  (My hubby likes them thinnish so I get them down to that size.)  Place them in a bowl.
  3. Fill the bowl to about an inch over the potatoes.  Let it sit for about half an hour.  In the mean time, lay a cookie sheet with paper towels on it to the side.
  4. After the half an hour, drain the potatoes and then  pat them dry.  You want no moisture on the potatoes at all.  (I put a clean kitchen towel back in the rinsed out bowl and then dropped the potatoes on there.  I patted each layer with the kitchen towel to assure there was no moisture on the potatoes.)
  5. Meanwhile put the oil in your fryer and wait for it to warm up.  You know it's ready when you put a wooden spoon in there (handle side down) and there are bubbles around the handle.
  6. Put a layer of potatoes in the fry basket and then into the fryer.  Shake the fry basket until all the potatoes are in the oil.  Cook for about 5 minutes.
  7. After the fries are cooked, take the fry basket out of the fryer.  Transfer the fries to the prepared cookie sheet.  (I put a plate under the fry basket while transfering the fries so I don't spill any of the hot oil.)  Immediately season the fries.
  8. Continue with the other potatoes until all of the fries are cooked.  Enjoy!
Happy eating, Traci

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