Jul 25, 2010

Menu planning week of July 26

Last Tuesday, I ended up with a stomache virus so I didn't cook anything. So we didn't have the almost famous chicken sandwiches.  I am going to save the meal for the first week of August.

Since I'm going to be going back to work in two weeks, I need to start planning out the meals for certain days of the week so that hubby can help with the meal.  Sometimes I will have the meal prepared and all he has to do is cook it.  Sometmes I cook it in the crockpot and he might have to do the side dishes or bread.  It all depends on what we are going to have supper.  I assume since I am going to get home earlier in the day it will be easier for me to get the meal on the table without rushing like I have been for the past two years.  (For those who don't know, I'm an Intervention Specialist (special education teacher) during the day and the primary care taker in the evenings.  My hubby is the primary care taker during the day and a pizza delivery person in the evenings.  He leaves for work soon after I come home.  We eat supper before he goes to work.)


Monday - pancakes or waffles, bacon or sausage, fresh fruit

Tuesday - 50's Prime Time Meatloaf (in freezer), mashed potatoes, pasta roni, or mac and cheese, veggies

Wednesday - Skyline chili made in the crockpot  The chili will be served over spaghetti.  I will use the extra spaghetti on Friday.

Thursday - chili dogs, chips, fresh veggies

Friday - spaghetti with meatballs (in freezer), Italian breadsticks, salad, applesauce

Saturday - left-overs

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  1. So sorry your summer is coming to a close. Enjoy these last few weeks.

  2. NIce job carrying food over day to day - I love when I can make that work out! Chili...over spaghetti...on dogs...

    Good luck on the transition to work!


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