Apr 6, 2012

Kool Aid colored eggs

I found this "recipe" for egg dye that I thought was a great idea. The Wee One has been pestering me to allow him to dye eggs. He doesn't eat any though.

It's easy and smells great.


All you need is Kool aid packets and 2/3rds cup of hot water. That's it. Make sure you have the surface you are using covered up with paper though. It can stain otherwise. We put paper towel down on a tray so there was less mess. The Wee One can make a big one.

Oh the grape flavor comes out dark so add a little bit of berry blue to it. And the pink lemonade comes out too light so use a little bit of cherry with it.

Use a white crayon to create designs on the egg before dunking it in the dye.



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