May 4, 2014

Review of What We Ate - Week of April 27

Last week was a successful week out eating:

On Sunday, I made skillet chicken with a sweet and sour sauce, warmed up precooked rice from the freezer, and cooked up some corn.  We shared this meal with my mother-in-law and another family member.

Monday - I made baked French toast and bacon.  
The family loves this meal.  The Imaginative One kept trying to take strawberries from my plate because he had already eaten all of his.  I told him there were more in the fridge but he didn't want them because they were not cut up.  Stinker.

Tuesday - I made a beanie weenie type dish with pinto beans and kielbasa.  I served it with cornbread.  We also had a salad. 

Both Hubby and I enjoyed the meal.  The Wee One ate his food with little complaint.  The Imaginative One was picky about the food.  Totally annoying.

Wednesday - We had sausage penne pasta skillet, salad, and copycat Zaxby's garlic bread.

The Wee One didn't want the garlic bread so he had a piece of the cornbread from the night before.  The Imaginative One had plain pasta, sausage, and salad.  Hubby loved the pasta and garlic bread.

Thursday - It was a total wash for me.  I came home from work exhausted.  We had testing and then I was observed.  Emotionally and physically draining.  The family had left-overs and I ate at Burger King for my dinner.

We did make microwave S'Mores after Cub Scouts though.  

Friday - I put pork in the crock pot and added a homemade barbecue sauce to it.  It was cooked on low all day.  We had pulled pork sandwiches, salad, and French fries.

There was enough pulled pork left over that I froze 3 bags of it.  We are going to have some of it for our dinner tonight.

Saturday - I had a hair appointment and then wanted to run some errands.  The boys ended up going with me because Hubby had a meeting in the afternoon.  I didn't want to be worrying about what time I got home.

We ate a Chick-Fil-A.  The Imaginative One and I also shared an order of pretzel sticks.  We also had a smoothie.

Since I didn't cook what I had planned for dinner on Thursday, I cooked it up on Saturday.

We had either plain cheese quesadillas or pizza quesadillas with corn on the cob.  The Imaginative One and I were going to see Rio 2 at the movie theater so we wanted something quick and easy.  Hubby loved the pizza quesadilla!  Both the Wee One and the Imaginative One loved the plain cheese quesadillas.  Corn on the cob is always a great treat at the house.

I hope you enjoyed seeing what we ate during the week.  Next week is going to be crazy so I don't know if I'll be able to share what we ate.

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