Mar 31, 2014

Foodie Pen Pal - March 2014

Hello from Disney!

Last month I did not do the foodie pen pal.  Between illness and gross weather, I would not have been a good foodie pen pal.  

This month I signed up once again and boy am I glad I did.  Emily, my foodie pen pal, sent me an excellent box.  

Emily lives in Maryland.  She sent me some yummy local treats!  That is what I like about the foodie pen pal program.  I love trying local treats from different places.  

Here's what she sent me:

The tulle she used to protect the goodies.  The Wee One loved it.

In fact, here is outside playing with the tulle.
The handwritten note.  I enjoyed learning more about the different foods in the box.  
The back of the note
Yummy local cookies - When she got married, her husband and her gave these out as welcome gifts.  They are light and airy.
Here's a link to Berger Cookies' website.
A closer look at the chocolate part of the cookie

The back of the cookie

This is from a local French bakery.  She could not remember the name of the pastry but it was described as buttery and flaky.  I can't wait to taste it.
Beef Jerky - I'm saving this for when we are down in Disney.  It would be a good treat to have on hand because we are going to have one big meal a day.  The rest of the day is going to be snacks.  I've got some tuna fish so this would be a good change of pace.
Here is another snack that I'm saving for Disney.  No one else is going to want to taste any of it.  

The funny thing is I sent her some paleo "granola" also.  This looks yummy!  I love almonds, cashews, and coconut so this should be good.

I've saved the best for last.  
These chocolate covered espresso beans are the bomb.  In fact Hubby thinks he is going to take this because he loves Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans.  I let him have a couple but might need to hide the rest.  These are mine!  
Here's a link to Zeke's Coffee's website.

For more information about the foodie pen pal program, please visit the Lean Green Bean.

Happy eating, 

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