Apr 21, 2014

Mom, What's For Dinner? - Week of April 21

This is what I woke up to last Tuesday morning.  We got an inch of snow overnight.  It had started as rain the day before.  During the night, the temperatures dropped to the lower 30's so the rain changed over to snow.  The crazy thing about the snow was that it was on cars, trees, and grass.  Since it had been in the 70's two days prior, there was no snow on the road.  It was a beautiful drive to work.  

Just so you know, where we live in Ohio, we don't normally get snow in mid-April.

That afternoon it was still spitting snow.  Yuck!

The weather has become springlike since that rare snow.  Today the temperature is in the high 70's.

Onto the menu this week:

I've got to go get my license renewed on Tuesday and need to stay late on Wednesday and Thursday to work on some paperwork.  So my menu needs to be easy and something my husband can cook up with little instructions.

Monday - Out to eat

Tuesday - Chicken fingers with homemade Zax sauce, crinkle fries, homemade Zaxby's Texas toast, fresh veggies

Wednesday - Orange Chicken over rice with veggies

Thursday - Ravioli with spaghetti sauce, garlic bread, salad

Friday - Breakfast for Dinner

Saturday  - ???

For a printable version of this menu, click this link.

Happy eating, Traci

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  1. you can't go wrong with breakfast, right? the organge chicken sounds divine and I LOVE raviolis


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