Mar 3, 2014

Mom, What's for Dinner?- Week of March 3

I can't believe it's already March.  That means at the end of the month, I'll be in the Happiest Place on Earth, a.k.a. Walt Disney World.  Between now and when we leave, it's going to be stressful at work.  I've got meetings and have to administer a test to three of my students.  The test is going time consuming more than anything else.

Recently I've started to have themes for our dinner to make easier to plan.  

Mondays are brinner or breakfast for dinner unless there is a conflict and then I'll change brinner to a different day.  That is a family favorite meal.

Tuesdays are soup or casserole days.  Sometimes the boys are not too keen on soup.  If I get rid of the broth and just give them the goodies, they are more willing to eat the soup.

Wednesdays are some sort of pasta night.  We love spaghetti and ravioli so this is also a family favorite. 

Thursdays are our easy meal night.  The boys have dance (tap) practice and scouts and need to be out the door quickly.  We eat sandwiches, tacos, or pizza on those nights.

Fridays are reserved for some sort of meat dish - chicken, pork, ham, or fish might appear on our kitchen table during that night.

Saturdays is our left over night.  Sometimes I make a different type of meal.

We usually eat over my mother-in-laws' house.  Sometimes I'll make the dinner, sometimes my mother-in-law makes the dinner.

Here's my menu for next week:

Monday - French toast, sausage links, fresh fruit

Tuesday - Spanish style chicken noodle soup (done in slow cooker), biscuit

Wednesday - chicken spaghetti (freezer), veggies, garlic bread

Thursday - tacos (freezer), lime rice

Friday - Shimmy and shake chicken tenders, roasted potatoes, veggie, ciabatta bread (freezer)

Saturday - left overs

Here's a link to the google doc of this menu so you can print a pdf of the menu if you decide to use it.

Mom, What's for Dinner - Week of March 3

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